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Tuesday, August 1st 2006

3:22 AM

Ghost answers to Lennies questions

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Hey everyone

Thought I should take a breather from working and post a note or two. Life here has been good but HOT as Hell (102 degrees) in North Dakota, that is just way to hot for my brain to work so I have been sleeping a lot and working in front of the ever running fan….I am just to fat and old for these Earth changes,  hope you are all doing ok in this heat

Ok so Lennie asked a question on the ghosts in the post below this one, that I would like to address: She said

Beautiful house and kinda sad that you must sell. I often wonder, having seen spirits of loved ones myself...and having such a spiritual Mother, why she never came to say goodbye to me. I have heard that when people die a violent death the way she did...that their spirits are trapped in that place. Do you believe that too LWM? I never went back to where she died so I never felt anything really from her. They since knocked the place down and built a business on the land from what a friend told me. She has featured alot in my dreams, even my daughters who never had the chance to meet her which I thought was sweet. I just miss her and know that if she could have returned she would have Have a great weekend dear friend

Lets first address the question if I believe that spirits that die a violent death are trapped in that place because of the violence of the act? Being gifted to be able to speak with those who have crossed over all of my life, I have NEVER found that to be true. I have found that some spirits are afraid to go to the light because of unfinished business but never have I seen one who;s essence has been trapped.

See the universe allows for choices always. They can choose to move forward or not, they can accept they are dead or not, they can ask for help and guidance or not, but to be forever eternally trapped because of an action of a death, nope that just doesn’t ring true for me. So that isnt something to worry or dwell on Lennie, or anyone else out there who is worried about their loved ones. They are not trapped here or in the "in between" because of the death they experienced. Now they can slip back and forth, they can feel the need to share with someone who will listen why they died there. There can be a need to honor their passing and for them to hear this but they are not trapped there forever.

In death we always have choices. I believe and it has been my experience that no one (yep I said no one) ever dies before they are ready to. Death is simply the ending of lessons in this lifetime. It is not the end of the soul/essence, so when the person who is incarnated in to this plane and when they have learned what ever it is they were here to learn they can move on for other lessons and other spiritual growth. That is when they die here, leaving this plane of existence to continue on to a higher place of being. Now there are times when a persons body is too messed up, say by strokes or by coma or even by getting into an accident you get the idea, to allow for them to learn the lessons they "contracted" with the Higher Powers (Lady and Lord) to learn here. They can then decide if they wish to continue in the damaged vessel (body) or let it go and try again in yet another body that would allow for the lessons to be completed. Again this is 100% up to them (free will) and what they decide will be respected.

Then there are those who are afraid of the consequences of their life decisions and fear to go to the light, many of those are afraid of going to hell (or something like that) because they didn’t make the best choices. Many times these entities must be lead to the light and encouraged to cross to the unconditional loving energies that await them there. I don’t want to get into a long discussion if there is a hell or not, but there is, in my experience, a seperation from the Creator(s) presence and this is what I consider very much like hell.  In this case the seperation is of their own making thus the hell is of  their own making. They could go to the Light of the Lord and Lady at any time. See even these people are given a chance to rise above this on the spiritual level in their next incarnation, as well as what ever Karma they have gathered, and are ready to pay for or to receive (Karma is not always bad.)

In violent crossing sometimes (yet in my experience not often) spirits call out for justice and they may haunt an area until they receive the justice for their death they seek. Yet most of the time those who cross do not think on the violence of the crossing but the love that they felt and learned to share in this life time. What lessons they completed and how to help others.

So why do people haunt places you ask, well in my experience it is because the place usually means something to them. A well loved place that holds comfort to them. Another reason is to touch the life in healing, guidance or warning messages to those they loved and left behind. Still another reason many be they don’t realize they are dead and need help in crossing over, they need to ask for help for it to happen or we need to offer then help to show them the way.

Now not all hauntings are ghosts (spirits) some are much like videos that play over and over, these are energies that were so violent or so charged with emotion that it seems frozen in time and it plays again and again. There is no real spirit that you can interact with here. It is simply putting an end to the energy loop and dissipate any negativity that may have been drawn there or occurred there. (This sounds easy but it can take a lot of work to end the loop)

Another type of hunting is just plain lower level astral and dimensional beings (including what is considered demons or full blown negative energies) that feed off of our negative energies (like hurt, hate fear so on.) They "haunt/hunt" that area looking for a feast or to draw a living energy into their web of negativity. As scary as this is it is easy to be shed of them, just say "GO AWAY, I DO NOT WISH TO BE A PART OF YOU!" you have free well and they must listen to you. (see my free will zone technique here http://www.silverhoofs.com/freewill.htm)

Also a few points when dealing with ghosts that continue to hang around, remember they have the same personalities, fears and flaws that they had when they were here. If they were bossy aunt Betty they are still the same, if brother had a quick temper he still has, if grandma was loving and kind she still is but she may be afraid of the dark still if she was in life. Just because they have died doesn’t mean they are acting within their Higher Self. It is not until they have actually crossed and did whatever healing (in the physical, spiritual and mental levels) they need, that they act within their higher self (yep there are classrooms on the other side as well, that we learn from. We heal from and gain knowledge in.)

It has also been my experience that people don’t always come back within days or moths. In fact depending on the body condition as well as the mental and spiritual condition of the body when it crossed has a big part to play in when a ghost may come back to contact those they loved. The average time I have found to be about 9-12months before the person has made a complete and total transition and healing to the otherside. In this time they may try to contact loved ones to relieve grief of their passing and to finish any unfinished business but such contacts may not be easy for the ghost to be successful at or for the living to understand. Yet know that Contact comes in many many ways.

Lennie talks about how mom is in her dreams a lot.. this is a key place that spirits can interact with us and one of the best places of contact. So Lennie I wouldn’t be so quick to say she hasn’t contacted you, maybe not in full physical manifestation but I feel she has tried to tell you things in your dreams. Other ways they speak to us is electronically, like music played on a radio and a feeling it was meant to tell us something. Then there is finding things around us that repeat again and again like a friend who keep seeing deers when ever he looked up. On TV, on billboards, even in windows of children’s toys, deers seemed to stick out. He was a city guy so deers were unusual for him. Anyway it bothered him but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Then about a month later he went out with friends and they decided to go hunting, he joined in. To make a long story short while out hunting he got lost and was tromping through the forest, he heard his dad call his name. So he turns towards the voice, just as he moves from that spot towards where he heard someone call his name a bullet strikes the tree right behind him. Someone shot at him thinking he was a deer and if he hadn’t heard his name (called by his dad who had crossed over about a year before) he would have been killed. A ghost looking out for his loved one? I don’t know for a fact, but I do know what my gut says and with the deers in this guys life that kept "appearing" and drawing his attention and his close escape from getting shot…I think someone was looking out for him.

Ok so there’s my answer Lennie, as long as it is! I hope it helps you and others who may have the same worries you have. Please also remeber these are just my experiences and are not the end all be all answers in the area, but they work for me and what I have found to ring true in my heart and in the hearts of many I have shared these ideas with.

Blessings to you all,


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