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Thursday, November 22nd 2007

12:42 PM

Thanksgiving & Nov 18th pictures

  • Mood: Happy & Blessed

Hey Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

The other night we broke in our main room fireplace. We invited the Fae, Spirits and spites to show themselves if they wished their pictures taken. Here's what we got. Oh yea this is the first pictures I have allowed to be shown of the new house, still working on it to get things the way I want.

Picture one is Calling the Magickal Creatures

The next picture is another shot with fire Sprites caught in the fireplace. I have shown you the original picture, then broke it down so you can see it better here.

Below is what I see, now I am no artist but you get the idea

Then we got some friendly orbs floating about. Oh course there was nothing on the one before and nothing like this on the one after. This is the only one that showed orbs.

Then in the end we returned to the fireplace shown in the above orb picture and found yet more tiny sprites dancing about. Can you see them?

So as usual  say what you will but I know what I think and feel and I believe something was there that night. Oh and just so ya know, we did make sure when we were done with the fire that we demanded that all spirits and spites who would do mischief and all fire sprites leave and not return unsummoned. If you don’t they can be mischievous and who wants to wake up to a burning house???




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