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Wednesday, December 23rd 2015

11:13 AM

Season suprises

Shawno I tried to let you know I got the package you sent, I havent opened them yet as I will on Christmas so I have something to open. Thanks so much for thinking of me

Happy Birthday to Hugo and you too soon isnt it? I send healing and positive energies so Hugo can get back to being his sweet HALO self (I love those Little Oranges LOL) Have a fabulous Holiday and know that you both have a special place in my heart


Lady Wolfen Mists

6 What ya all thought.

Posted by Ebears:

o:) Great to hear you got our little package BEFORE Christmas... just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and send a token of our LOVE!!! HUGO had a great birthday, mine is on the 27th. Just been baking up a storm and getting everything ready for Christmas day. Hope you are well, and enjoying your new place. Have a wonderful holiday season Angel, and we will make a toast to you when we sit down to our dinner on the 25th! BIG BEAR HUGS and CHRISTMAS SMOOTCHES from your Canadian boys!
Thursday, December 24th 2015 @ 9:13 AM

Posted by Ebears:

Oh my, sorry to hear you were in hospital again... hope you will be ok!!!! Yes, we will definitely have a drink for you (or two lol) on St. Pattys... we are still waiting to hear from out pastor about the wedding date... she is nice but a bit flaky...lol We will be sending out invites soon.... miss you Angel BIG HUGS Love Shawno & Hugo A Go-Go
Wednesday, March 16th 2016 @ 8:19 AM

Posted by Ebears:

OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just checked my PP account and see you have sent us a Wedding gift! My eyes welled up, you have no idea how touched I am. You have been such a great friend and mentor. We appreciate it so much. WE LOVE YOU! HUGS!!! SMOOTCHES!!! Your boys (soon to be old married men!)

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Thursday, March 31st 2016 @ 9:02 AM

Posted by Ebears:

Hey Angel! Lovely to hear from you on our blog... I haven't been blogging as much lately, been a busy boy since HUGO and I got married... It would be so cool if you moved closer, we would bring yu to all our crazy events and shopping trips... I just got a CAR!!! It looks like a gangster car from the 1940's... it's called a CHERVY HHR (stands for heritage high roof) It is kind of like a suv/stationwagon with all the bells & whistles. Only thing missing is a trailer hitch which I plan on having installed soon.... been fun driving again... anyway, hope you are well...and everything is fabulous in your life... miss you BIG HUGS Love Shawno & Hugo A Go-Go o:)
Friday, June 10th 2016 @ 9:22 AM

Posted by Ebears:

Hey ANGEL! Been a busy boy these days... we took a trip (as you saw in the blog) and I still have a few more pics to post. It was fabulous... so much so we have decided to move!!! To Merritt... I will be posting a blog about it today, and I will fill you in and send you some pics in your email about what we are up to... You are going to PLOTZ when you see what we are about to do... did I peak your curiosity? LOL Miss you much, big hugs and loads of smootches Shawno & Hugo A Go-Go

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Sunday, August 21st 2016 @ 5:47 PM

Posted by Ebears:

Hey Angel! HUGO A GO-GO & I are moving to a small town about 2.5 hours east of Vancouver called Merritt. We fell in love with it on our vacation, and an opportunity opened up, so we took it. We have a new wordpress blog called "Trailer Park Bears" www.trailerparkbears.wordpress.com We are changing our life path, so new direction:new website & blog. We will be closing down the Ambassadors of Fabulousness blog next month before we move and start posting on our new blog. Your boys are becoming mountain men! We will be sending out all the address change info soon too...

Hope you are well, sure miss your blog... are you on Wordpress? Hope so... BIG BIG HUGS! Love Shawno & Hugo A Go-Go o:)

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Sunday, August 28th 2016 @ 9:19 AM

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