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Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

9:52 AM

Fae show up again, what do you think?

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Hey everyone on the full moon (June 30th I think anyway Sat night) we had a small get together and left some food for the Fae out at the new house. We took the camera out and asked the Fae (any of that special mystical family: Sprits, Devas, Gnomes, Pixies) to show themselves if they wanted their picture taken.

We got a few rather interesting results, here is one of them. In the below picture please note that we are still working the porch for my wheel chair as well as landscaping. However there does seem to be a person like creature on the corner hiding behind a board.

The new house has a rather odd assortment of beings, we have Fae and Gnomes as well as House Brownies and even a few naughty Pixies. This is a very sacred site where the 7 Silver Roads from the realm of these creatures, which meet and manifest on this Earthy realm.

We have even been given instructions on a forested/orchard area we must build called Faery Veil Forrest. Which will have amazing vortexes, as we align the crystals, we were instructed to place them. In addition thr will be a possible healing well for people to come and use (of course this is all to take some time to build.)

In the meantime What do you see, if anything here?

Here's the picture

Next here is a cut blown up section, some gamma correction to lighten the picture

This is a negative of the picture in brown, it seems to bring the tone out a bit more

So let me know what you think, life is a wonderful magickal place. Lets stop trying to kill one another and enjoy the uniqueness of those seen and unseen about us.
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