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Thursday, October 15th 2009

4:44 PM


Acts of Light Challenge

Oct 2009

OK So I thought I WAS DONE! I thought when the Angels told me I didn’t have to relay anymore messages of what was coming I could crawl into a corner and sleep. Guess its not to be, Michael has been kicking my chair and prodding me to do what I was instructed, I kept putting it off, ignoring it till it haunts my every waking minute so here it is.

Every month or two there will be a challenge put out called ACTS OF LIGHT they are little things each of us can do that month to help the light and to help others and ourselves, for in helping another we help ourselves. When we are sad or down or depressed reaching out to someone else who is the same or worse brings light to the world and to the heart of the receiver as well as the giver and lightens the pain and darkness inside. So if you are experiencing darkness, a feeling of "just get it over with" then here is some thing you can do to help stop that feeling and combat the darkness that surrounds us

This month of Oct your challenge is simple and easy just walk up to at least 1 person who you sense has been abused, someone who is hurting and down, who is crying inside and wanting to let go and smile at them then tell them that they are truly and Amazing soul and you admire them. Tell them you see how hard they try and what a difference they make and that is to be admired. That’s all!

Watch how they change! Watch their spirit rise and how the smile touches their heart, watch what your words do to lift the pain and chase back the darkness. Then Dear Ones, feel how it makes you feel, how it helps you rise from the pit of apathy and sadness to caring and hope and share that kindness again and again as you can if you like.

So there is your Oct Challenge reach out and do an ACT OF LIGHT

(Now let me get some sleep)


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