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Tuesday, November 3rd 2009

10:08 AM

Nov 2009 Act Of Light Challenge


OK this month’s (NOV 20090) Act of Light is fun and easy. Go find at least one stone, it can be pebble sized which can be carried or paper weight sized which can be used to on a desk.

  1. Clean the stone good from dirt.
  2. Then paint, glue or draw eyes and a smiling mouth on the stone, if your artistic fix it up even more.
  3. Next make a small tag that reads "YOU ROCK!"
  4. Now give the stone and tag to someone who is in need of a smile or something to lift their spirits. You can leave it anonymously or give it to them one on one.

Do this at least once this month, more is fun and believe me as corny as it sound people like them. It’s a nice reminder that someone notices you and thinks a lot of you. In your pocket where you can clutch it for shots of much needed self esteem to sitting out on your desk to remind you what a winner you are. The more you make and give the more you will want to make

Now get out there and get this months Act of Light started and let us all know what your doing, we are interested

Love and Blessings


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